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Round Table Consult specializes in three main areas: CRM, Marketing and Communications.
Our approach to work is simple and focuses on creating specific recommendations that fit your special needs.
We invite you to a round table to share your challenges, discuss opportunities and coin a solution together.

Cheers to storytelling! Storytelling is key to have a brand connect with partners and people. It is one of our foundations.

Pratice Safe Design: Use a Concept Art Print by Kimsey Price

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Round Table Consult’s collaboration with the Outpost resulted in an appearance of the former in the pages of the latter. 

What people don’t realize is that this simplicity of our approach is key to the trust we establish with our partners, but mostly to the cunning truth we deliver.

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when I check email one last time before leaving for the weekend



Mike Heighway sent me this gif, at which I laughed louder and longer than I have at most things in a while.

An Ultra-Minimal Deck Of Cards That Keeps Poker Night CleanDe

Design at its best.

Applying Semiotics To Brand Strategy Innovation

Design Clients On Famous Logotypes

Extremely relevant to brand, identity and logo design. It’s all pretty subjective.
It is pretty much related to a previous post on roundtableconsult “I want logo!”

Fast Food Marketing: Kids & EthicsDownload it here to view it in full resolution:http://www.rwjf.org/content/dam/files/rwjf-web-files/Infographics/kidsfastfoodads_final1.pdf


A scientific guide to writing popular (and sharable) headlines for Twitter, Facebook, and your blog, from the co-founder of Buffer.

Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story This Morning

On driving traffic, journalism and ethics

The Innovation of Loneliness

Eye opening and interesting for us marketers and humans.

UX Vs Design Vs Data Vs Brand: The MailChimp experience

A very interesting blog entry from none other than MailChimp. 

Having discussed the importance of analyzing every situation as its own, we think this blog entry about the login options, failed logins and the impact on the mailchimp brand experience is worth a read and a discussion or at least a thought. 

Who has ever thought or faced such a challenge? And why haven’t you if you have or are developing a website? What would be your benefits to use social media login/integration at varying levels?

When Microsoft learns a trick or two from the best, they can churn out pretty good communication elements. 

That video (the second, and we’re guessing not the last in the series) says it all. And yes it is true that it oversees some key experiential elements when it comes to the use of the product, from the OS to the applications that run on them, we still have to give Microsoft’s agency points on the humor and delivery of the USPs of the Surface.

With the sales woes that the surface is facing, that ad can only help.

Windows 8: Surface RT vs. iPad (by surface

In adding about how the digital world has NOT changed the fact that we will always consume content, and in that case content usually found on TV, Netflix’s chief content officer talks about the Emmy nominations for Netflix shows:

"I think it validates the model in a lot of ways. I think it also blurs the line forever about what is television. Television is what’s on the screen, no matter what size the screen or how the content got to the screen. Television is television is television." 

and in our opinion, marketing is marketing is marketing.

More at fastcompany:

« I Want Logo! »

After working on many brands, after birthing several real gems of brands, and working with clients and businesses to achieve this specific piece of identity with its values and its visual, textual and experiential translations (to say the least), i am still surprised when some businesses under estimate the value and time needed for that process.

You might not know it yet, but branding is not designing. Shocked? Good. Now stop asking for a Logo when you don’t even have a Brand.

To “make” a brand the first thing we do is not to start colouring or drawing, and especially not sketch a logo.  We need to sit with you so that you tell us about no other but your business. Yes your business, with all the details of how you created your product or service and how,where and by whom is it delivered. We also want to hear about you mister owner/product developer/company founder/god who was behind the company/product/service. We want your business plans and your thoughts about the economy and just about anything you have an opinion on. Does it feel we’re like auditors or psychologists? Well we are. Both.

Why are we doing this? Asking all those pesky little questions and getting into some details that you thought only your lawyer or wife/husband would have to suffer through… well we need to know that as we are secretly and  knowingly building up a profile in our minds of what it means/feels like to be your company.

It doesn’t stop there. This profile we just created is something that we develop using our marketing/creative/business/strategic powers so that it all makes sense. What it means is that our sole objective is to clearly write down what you stand for and how you express it and how people would/should perceive it and experience it.

What you have now is a document that explains the above. Yes just words. Nothing drawn or designed. Yet. Now comes the work of translation. Not into Mandarin or Cantonese (unless you need to be in the Chinese market) but a visual, tone and experiential translation of the above. So now we bring in the designers, the copywriters and just about any other specialist (musician, interior designer, architect, engineer, programer, carpenter…) that is needed to create a full and complete experience that exudes you.

Without that first part, no one would have a blueprint of what it means to be your company and all that. They’re just crazy people doing their thing. They’re worth nothing to you. That first blueprint document is the only thing that brought them together and allowed them to concretize the divine calling that is your brand.

And without us, the marketing communication specialists, there would be no maestro/psychologist/auditor to write the blueprint or to conduct the work according to the blueprint.

That blueprint is an integral part of your business plan (financial and other). It is not an option. It is not less important than the space you will be renting/building, or the staff you wil be hiring, or the secret recipe you will be feeding your customers. If anything it is the source and inspiration of all of these things to happen right.

That work on your brand, is the light house to guide every business decision you make, and ensure it works with you and your future customers.

As we say in Lebanon, “3ateh khobzak lal khebez law akal nosson”, which means “give your bread to the baker to bake , even if he eats half of them”. For brand creation it’s almost the same, we just don’t take half. We don’t even take a quarter. RoundTable consult for one has very competitive and efficient costing. Find out yourselves, call Omar and have a talk.